If you still haven’t booked a vacation, like me, then you will probably recognise the stress. A summer vacation needs to be booked within one or maybe two months, and I still have no clue where to start! The struggle is real ladies and gentleman. But no worries, with these simple steps you can take away a lot of stress:

1. Brainstorm

Yes, I know, you figured this step out yourself. Not helping here. But instead of brainstorming about the entire vacation, just focus on what you want out of it. Relax? Adventure? Seeing new cultures? It is suddenly a lot easier right?

2. Narrow it down

Now that we know what we want, we are going to narrow it down to a continent. And if that step is complete, start researching different countries or states. If you still don’t get only one country out of it, try crossing things off the list instead of focussing on the perfect place.

3. Plan

Two steps and we basically got the biggest part covered! So now it’s time to make a list of things that you want to do while being there. It helps to decide where you will book your hotel/apartment and also makes you hopefully extra excited about the vacation!

4. Book

Time to really get down to business. This is the step where you will make the arrangements for the vacation. Booking the place you want to stay is most important. There are so many ways to get there, but only limited space in a hotel or apartment. Then decide how you are going to get there. Plane? Car? Train? It is important those arrangements are made as soon as possible as well.

5. Checklist

Make a checklist to really put your mind at ease. Not only for the things you need to pack but also for the steps you need to take before going away. Maybe print the plane tickets. Or fill the car up with gas. Then it’s time for the pack list. Try to pack at least half a week before going, so there will be 0% stress the last few days.

6. Spontaneous

No matter how well you plan things, the best adventures come by accident. Try to say yes for a day, to everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. You never know what will happen!

7. Disconnect

You’re on vacation, enjoy! Try to live in the moment and disconnect from the rest of the world. Yes, you may take a photo for Instagram but that is it. Put that phone down!

8. Realistic

Set realistic expectations and just try to enjoy. Some people will never come back at the place they stayed, which could be for several reasons. Maybe they didn’t like it, or maybe they had such a great time they know it will never be the same again. Just try to remember, make the best out of things and create memories.